Hartline School Preservation Association
Hartline School Preservation Association


With Sincere Appreciation for our Donors, Volunteers, and Supporters

  • THANK YOU!  to our Grant County Port District #5 Commissioners, for having the foresight and courage to undertake this challenging project. Your leadership and enthusiasm inspire and motivate all of us. We appreciate your time and dedication, and look forward to working with you throughout this endeavor. Hats off to each of you!
  • THANK YOU! to Hartline School’s Courageous Cleaning Crew, the many hard working volunteers who contributed time, supplies, muscle power, and elbow grease to clean the Hartline School. Your dedication and hard work are appreciated by the entire community. We applaud you!
  • THANK YOU! to the “Can-Do Farm Boys” for keeping the building warm and making basic repairs throughout the last six months. Your problem-solving ingenuity and devotion to the structural integrity of our treasure make us proud. Hats off to each of you!

  • THANK YOU! to our generous DONORS for contributing to our efforts to rally our community and preserve the Hartline School.  Your financial support enabled much important work this past year, including: hiring the structural engineer; nominating the Hartline School for the National and State Historic Registers;  researching the building’s historical and architectural significance; developing this website; mailing informational letters; developing a fundraising campaign; and helping with utility expenses. We applaud you!
  • THANK YOU! to the Hartline Betterment Organization’s board members and officers for your valuable work in support of the HSPA and the Hartline School. Your leadership and dedication are appreciated by the community.
    We applaud you!
  • THANK YOU! to the Hartline Community Days Cleanup Crew, which spent untold hours last fall cleaning up the grounds around the Hartline School, the Gym, and the sports field. Your hard work contributed to a wonderful community celebration, and demonstrated the commitment of this community to our historical treasure.
    We applaud you!
  • THANK YOU! for your invaluable assistance, ideas, referrals, time, and advice: Susan Wickstrom; Jay Bonnett; Roger Blackmun (for the Heart of Lights); Fennelle Miller; Tanner Dotzauer; Ron Cridlebaugh; The WA Trust for Historic Preservation; The WA State DAHP;  WA Dept of Commerce Regional Services; and countless others who continue to provide advice, encouragement, support, and inspiration. Hats off to all of you!


We need your ideas about how to honor our contributors in a permanent way at the Hartline School. Suggestions include: engraved plaques; custom tiles; wood engravings; carved bricks; metal sculpture; room sponsorship, etc. An ongoing project like this will require collaboration between the Port, the HSPA/HBO, and the community of Hartline.

What are your ideas? Please send them to us: info@heartofhartline.com. Thank you!

A committee of the Hartline Betterment Organization, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. PO Box 153, Hartline WA 99135 · info@heartofhartline.com

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